Exclusive Youth Serum

Exclusive Youth Serum


Due to its formula and its contents in Pearl’s powder and Collagen it nourishes and energizes the skin by increasing firmness

and elasticity while giving it the face full luminosity. The skin looks perfect, thanks to the subtle micro peeling performed by the Diamond’s dust. It contains Perfume without allergens that does not stain the skin.

  • How to Use

    • Use in the morning or night alone or with your usual cream before or after.
    • For the face.
    • Treatment plan for 4 weeks, refill per week.
    • Storage: Keep it away from light in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children.
  • Ingredients

    Diamond powder, gold powder, thermal water, soluble collagen, concholine powder, mica sucrose, glutamic acid, threonine, ethyl hexyl, sodium glycerin, titanium dioxide, sodium hydroxide,


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